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Health & Safety Commitment

Dinnet Garage Ltd, is both an independent operator in garage servicing and auto repair for all vehicles, and the Fiat service dealership for commercial vehicles for Royal Deeside and the northeast of Scotland.

At Dinnet Garage our work is never so critical or important that we cannot take time to do it safely and with health in mind. Whatever work we are undertaking we must make sure that we maintain a safe and healthy working environment and promote a positive culture in which we continually improve our performance. Whatever work we undertake, we are committed to the prevention of injury and work-related ill-health.

At Dinnet Garage we will:

  • Define policy and procedures to protect the health and safety of those to whom we owe a duty of care.
  • Provide all the necessary resources for the implementation of our policy and procedures.
  • Identify, train, and use necessary and competent resources within a defined structure, and allocate health and safety responsibilities to people who have the necessary skills.
  • Promote a strong health and safety culture based on active and visible leadership.
  • Create a healthy, productive, diverse and inclusive workforce through effective management of staff welfare and occupational health.
  • Meet and, where appropriate, exceed any legal and other requirements that apply.
  • Where hazard and risks have been identified a process to eliminate or reduce the risks from our activities and services will be adopted.
  • Consult with employees and others with an interest in our work when making decisions relating to health and safety matters.
  • Set health and safety objectives and targets that reflect legal requirements, other requirements, and any risks we have identified, and show that we are seeking to continuously improve.
  • Develop and introduce plans to make sure we achieve agreed objectives and manage identified risks.
  • Investigate and report on incidents to identify areas where we need to make improvements and prevent further problems.
  • Monitor and review our performance, against set objectives and targets.
  • Annually review the suitability and effectiveness of our systems, and identify improvements we need
  • to make to our procedures to achieve continual improvement.

We will review this policy annually and put it into practice by creating a culture that actively encourages good health and safety and by applying effective policies, standards, systems, and processes. Everybody who works for us, must act in a safe way and consider any health and safety issues when making decisions and taking action.

Scott Mchardy

Scott McHardy